Hungarian Baja: Ceremonial Start and Hot Prologue

The G-Energy Team crew has started in Hungary at the eighth round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies. After the Ceremonial Start the field overcame a short 11.5-kilometer Prologue. It is necessary to recall that the top ten crews have the right to choose starting positions for the next racing day in accordance with the results shown at this stage.

The crew of Vladimir Vasilyev and Konstantin Zhiltsov was the sixth at the super-special stage finish; and the choice of positions is started by the very last crew – the tenth place. On Saturday the field movement will be opened by the Czech-Slovak crew of Miroslav Zapletal and Marek Sikora, who are very familiar with the Hungarian track peculiarities; the second will be the G-Energy Team crew; and the main contenders have chosen rounding out positions in the top six – Martin Prokop will start the fifth, and the Pole Jakub Przygonski – the sixth. There will be hot contest for leadership between Vasilyev, Prokop and Przygonski; if Kuba would like to retain his leadership, Vladimir Vasilyev is impatient to tackle it, but it is not worth to dismiss Prokop who is literally waiting in the G-Energy Team crew wings.

Vladimir Vasilyev, “The Prologue was ok: we warmed up and drove. The roads were poorly visible, so we wandered in corners. There was something strange: we were waiting for a turn, getting ready, it was not visible, and then – bang: a little path at the side went to the right… In general, our time was not very good, but everything is fine. The track was twisted today: pits, trampolines, there even was a lot of mud”. 

Konstantin Zhiltsov, “It’s very hot! Yesterday we tried to cool down somehow and prepare in advance, diving into the supposedly magical Lake Balaton, but it didn’t help  – the water was warm. And today the heat continues; in the morning there was a shakedown, we had to work a lot with the suspension, because there is a completely different route compared to Spain; we passed the Prologue carefully, maybe not so quickly, but without mistakes and the vehicle is not damaged”. 

During the Hungarian Baja drivers should overcome four special stages. The main fight will start tomorrow, on 11 August, when the field will leave for the first competitive kilometers of the special stages SS-2 and SS-3. The Saturday route consists of two racing sections, separated by a short drive-through; the total length is 205 kilometers. 60% of the distance is laid on the shooting ranges territory, the rest are forest and classic rally roads.