Rallye Oilibya du Maroc: position in the series has changed!

Rallye Oilibya du Maroc – the tenth round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies finished yesterday in the African kingdom. Nasser Al-Attiyah secured the overall victory and added a fifth cup from Morocco to his trophies won during the 2014-2017.

Several Russian crews took part in the penultimate round of the FIA World Cup, but only Vladimir Vasilyev, the driver from St. Petersburg, turned out to be a good competitor for the Pole Jakub Przygonsky in the fight for the desired title. But the G-Energy Team crew was not lucky on the very first day of the race – the transmission of the Toyota Hilux could not withstand the heavy load of sandy tracks.

Konstantin Zhiltsov, co-driver of Vladimir Vasilyev, “Everything went wrong in the morning. The connection was lost almost from the start and GPS devices stopped working. The Road Book exists only in electronic form, and due to communication problems the instruments did not work out the positions and we often missed. Tripy device helped us to arrive at the next special stage start, the organizers solved our problem and everything worked. But then another kind of trouble began: at about 30-40 km we lost the sixth gear in the box first, then the fifth; we finished the special stage somehow, using the fourth one. We decided not to retire and go further like this. We barely started, since the first gear also ceased to turn on, and seven kilometers before the finish line we had nothing. There was a short circuit somewhere, and we even had use the fire extinguishers, so the race was over for us”.

A large number of participants traditionally come the Rallye du Maroc start, as a variety of tracks and landscape surface let those drivers, who plan to conquer the Dakar rally marathon routes next January, to prepare well. Mountains, magnificent dunes, steppe roads and off-road – all this diversity, “packed” to a half marathon frames in a relatively small area, allows drives to tune in to the future pace of a heavy race in South America.

The G-Energy Team, however, had effective three-day tests before the Moroccan round, trying both sands and steppe and mountain roads. There is an understanding of work with the suspension and the car, and the crew continues to prepare for the Dakar.

The situation in the series has changed, and after Rallye du Maroc Jakub Przygonski has prematurely become the 2018 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies Holder; however, the second and third places have not been decided yet, and the final round in Portugal is ahead.

The G-Energy Team crew congratulates the race winners, and it is especially pleasant to note all our Russian colleagues who finished in Morocco: Denis Krotov and Alexey Titov mounted the podium, Sergey Karyakin secured the victory in the SSV category and Alexander Maximov won the prize in the quads standings and his first World Cup title in this category!